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Etiquette at the table

After sitting at home for a long time, dining has become a lot more casual these days. However, certain table manners are important to follow as soon as we are allowed to go to restaurants again. This applies to both an informal and a formal setting. The general rules are usually known, but we would like to refresh your memory so that you apply the right etiquette in every situation.

Take a seat at the table

When you are invited for a dinner it is not usual to just take a seat. Therefore, ask the host or hostess where you can take a seat. Do not take a seat until the host has sat down. While participating in a toast, it is not necessarily necessary to clink the glasses. It can cause damage to the glassware. Also not unimportant: put your phone on silent before you take a seat. Leaving a phone on the table is also considered very rude. And let's be honest, enjoying a dinner without your phone around is really enjoyable.

The napkin

It is important to keep an eye on the host or hostess and follow up on what he or she is doing. Once you are seated you can put the napkin on your lap, but if dinner is a bit more formal you wait for the host. If you leave the table briefly, you can put the napkin on the chair or folded it on the left side of the board. Nearing the end of dinner, place the napkin folded on the left side of the plate.

Start eating

After everyone has settled in, dinner will start. If there is bread on the table, break the bread into bite-sized pieces and spread a little butter on each piece. Wait to eat when everyone actually has food. Also, do not blow on the food when it is hot, but give it time to cool down. Avoid placing your elbows on the table while eating. This only applies if you actually eat. 

Eat slowly and cut up to one or two bite-sized pieces at a time. Taste the food before seasoning it. It is rude to season the food. If someone asks for the salt, always give the salt and pepper as a whole. Always ask if someone wants to indicate something and do not bend over the table yourself. 


Before taking a sip of a glass of water or wine, make sure you have finished chewing and the mouth is empty. It looks neater when the rim of a glass remains as clean as possible. Nobody wants to look at a glass with grease stains or food residues. Does the glass contain a stem? Then hold the glass to it. A white wine should not be held by the bulb. Red wine glasses, on the other hand, may be held by the bulb.

To mess

It can happen that you tamper with a drink or with food. Make sure to pick it up or gently pat the stain dry. Offer the host or hostess to have it professionally cleaned if the situation calls for it.

Leaving the table

Try not to leave the table in the middle of the meal. If you really have to leave the table to use the toilet, for example, excuse yourself but don't say why. Just make sure you say something or it will come off rude.

If food got stuck in your teeth, remove it privately . A toothpick or floss should absolutely not be used at the table.


The different types of cutlery that are next to the plate can be a bit confusing. Which corridor do you use what? There's a simple rule for this: from the outside in. You start with the silverware furthest from the board and move towards the board. Another important rule of cutlery: never use it to sign.

During dinner you will sometimes take a break to take a sip of your drink or to participate in a conversation. At that moment it is important how you lay down the cutlery. When you take a break, place the knife and fork in an inverted V in the center of the plate with the ends pointing toward each other. Or place the knife diagonally on the right side of the board next to the fork with the tips pointing up.

Have you finished eating? Place the cutlery parallel to each other on the plate. Make sure the handles rest on the right edge of the board.

After dinner

Even now it remains important to keep an eye on the host or hostess. Wait for a signal to leave the table. During casual dinners, the host will clear the plates with the help of one or two guests. During a family dinner, the party will remove their own plates.

Now that you are aware of the etiquette, you can organize a dinner yourself! Impress your guests with a beautiful cutlery set from Lusso. Shop it here .


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