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A Festive Table

Winter time has started and it is getting colder outside. Now those Christmas jitters are really starting to itch. And what do you think about when it comes to Christmas?...

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The perfect gift

Buying a gift can sometimes be a difficult task, especially when it's for someone who already has everything. What really is the perfect gift that you will see in someone's...

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Etiquette at the table

After sitting at home for a long time, dining has become a lot more casual these days. However, certain table manners are important to follow as soon as we are...

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Kitchen Essentials

We cook or prepare a meal (almost) every day, but what are really the items that cannot be missed in your kitchen? We have listed some essentials for you! Spatulas...

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What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel, or stainless steel. The name says it all, this is steel that cannot rust. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true and the name stainless steel would do more...

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Tips for cleaning your cutlery

Stainless steel is a special type of metal that does not break easily and lasts a long time. But this strong metal also wears out and can become dirty over...

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The cutlery trends of 2021

Cutlery: we all use it every day. Besides that it has to be functional, we also want it to look good, because hey: the eye wants something too! Curious about...

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