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The cutlery trends of 2021

Cutlery: we all use it every day. Besides that it has to be functional, we also want it to look good, because hey: the eye wants something too! Curious about the trends in cutlery in 2021? Then read on! 

Gold has been a trend in cutlery for several years, but gold will also be the cutlery trend in 2021. Golden cutlery with a matte finish provides a luxurious look and is a real addition to the dining table. It gives a feeling of warmth and that makes your eating moment even more special. When you have golden cutlery on the table, you can expect surprising compliments!

Elegance, power, classy & stylish; that is what the color black conveys. Black is one of this year's trend colors. As a basic color in cutlery , this makes every table a sleek, luxurious setting. And when you combine this with gold or silver on the dining table, the cutlery gets an even more chic look. Whether it's cutlery or your chopsticks, you're always in the right place with black. Also handy, this color can be combined with many different tableware!

A matt finish is what we see even more this year in the kitchen interior and therefore also with the cutlery. With a matte finish, a simple spoon can suddenly look much more luxurious. A beautiful matte gold, silver or black color is currently very popular in the field of cutlery!

You might know it: you open your cutlery drawer and you see cutlery in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. You stir your coffee with a silver coffee spoon while you spread your bun with a black knife. This year it is also a trend to match everything. Dare to combine on that dining table with different styles and make it a party!

But the matching piece also returns as a duo color in the individual cutlery items. Black with gold or black with silver can therefore no longer be missed in your cutlery drawer this year!

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